Tried and True Tips: Auto Maintenance Tools to Keep in Your Garage – Lexington, KY

Do you know anyone that has just what you need to fix any problem you have with your car? Flat tire? No problem! Need an oil change? You got it! I was talking to my friend over at Glenn Nissan here in Lexington, and he had a pretty handy list of what auto maintenance tools I should keep in my garage.  His list was pretty extensive, but I’d like to share the basics because getting stuck with a hefty bill for something you could have easily done yourself is the worst!


First, buy quality tools.  It may seem expensive, but there’s nothing worse than having an ill-fitting wrench made of cheap material that breaks while you’re trying to tighten something down.  If you buy cheap tools, they’ll most likely break, meaning you’ll have to pay a bunch of money to replace the whole set again.  Look for tools that are have been made of forged steel and have a good reputation for quality.  These auto maintenance tools to keep in your garage will outlast your car, guaranteed.


The saying “I’m just gonna go wrench on my car!” is a true one! You’ll want to get forged steel combination open-end and box-end wrenches in millimeters (a 7 mm – 19 mm set) for import cars, and inch sizes for American cars, especially older ones.  You should also get a hex-key wrench set because you never know…


These have always come in handy at opportune times.  Find a good set that includes needle-nose, channel locking, gripping or locking pliers, O-ring pliers, and wire cutters.

Socket Set

For anything engine related, or changing tires, a good socket set is a MUST. I recommend a 6 or 12-point socket set with a fine-tooth ratchet-type wrench; short and long extensions and a 13/16 in. or 5/8 in. spark plug socket.

Tools For Changing The Oil

Invest in these tools once, and never have to pay for an oil change again! You’ll need;

• Hydraulic jack (with the capacity to lift at least half of your vehicle’s weight).
• Jack stands that can easily support the weight of the vehicle.
• Oil filter wrench.
• Spout or funnel for pouring fluids.
• A Large container for catching the oil.
• A shop light. It should be small enough to fit in tight spaces, and with the ability to clip underneath your hood.

This is a good start for building a collection of auto maintenance tools for your home.  I can’t stress again how important it is to invest in good quality tools. After all, you invest a lot in your car to make sure it runs well, so it just makes sense to invest in the tools to keep it that way!