The Nissan Quest + Backyard Minivan Camping = The Perfect Summer – Lexington, KY

My boys are 3 and 5 years old, respectively, and lately they’ve been asking to do a lot of things that my overprotective mom-self isn’t ready to let them do. These things include rollercoasters, kiteboarding, circle track racing, and surfing. Yeah. No. But the other night my older son asked me if we could go camping. I love camping! I also love being at home at night and having my boys there with me, but luckily I came up with the brilliant idea of camping…in our backyard! We’re fortunate enough to have a yard that’s fairly sizeable and filled with overgrown oak trees, who needs to pay a park fee to see nature?! I got all the equipment together, loaded it into our 2015 Nissan Quest, and drove them around the perimeter of the house straight into our own woodsy wonderland.

The boys were skeptical until I brought out the makings for s’mores, and then the fun started. The best part about the Nissan Quest was being able to slide the door open and use it for shade during the hot parts of the day, and then use it for a shelter when the winds kicked up in the evening.

I set up a treasure hunt for the boys, they played tag, and looked for caterpillars. I was able to relax on the leather seats in the Quest and even turned to radio on for some soothing afternoon music. The best part of it was the power doors, seriously. In the middle of an epic s’mores fest I needed to get back into the Quest to retrieve a few more bars of chocolate, but my hands were a sticky mess! With the push of a button, boom! The doors slid open and the interior wasn’t even touched by my melty-marshmallow hands. Score!

You don’t have to go far to have a great adventure in your 2015 Nissan Quest, you just need a good imagination for some good, old-fashioned backyard minivan camping. If you haven’t checked this minivan out, I’d suggest heading over to Glenn Nissan soon for a test drive. Adventures await!