So Fresh, So Clean: 3 Best Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Sharp – Lexington, KY

There’s nothing better than driving a car that looks like it was just driven off the lot.

Of course, that’s not always the case. After a couple of months or so, that brand new car you’re driving around looks anything but brand new after it gets caught in dust and whatever else may fall from the sky.

Especially if you’re riding around in an older car, it might be tougher to keep it looking pristine. That’s fine, though. Even if that’s the case, there are ways that you can keep any car looking top-of-the-line and ready to impress. Here are the three best ways to keep your car looking sharp.

Get the Car Washed a Couple Times a Month

This is an ideal situation but, with car wash prices going up, this might not be a financial necessity. But it doesn’t hurt to drive up to your local car wash every now and then for a month and get it washed up. Plus, in all honesty, who doesn’t like sitting through the car wash and watch the soap change colors? That’s just cool.

Wax the Car Every Few Months

Getting it washed is nice, but nothing beats the shine glistening from the sun’s rays on a waxed car. It’s best to wax your vehicle once every three months to keep up that good look. There’s a chance that, if over-waxed, the car will look like a shiny turtle shell. But that’s yet to be confirmed.

Hose It Down at Least Once a Week

You would think this coincides with the car wash part of this, but it’s actually not. You’re not all-out washing your car with the hose, but rather finding another way to keep the dust off. Sure, you’ll have the occasional water spots, but that’s what washing the car is for. It comes full circle, right?


Getting that car to stay in pristine condition is what it’s all about. Even your friendly Lexington Nissan dealership knows that and wants to make sure you have a car that’s in tip-top shape as well. Getting an all-new 2015 Nissan Altima sedan is a good way to start. That way, you can get a head start on having a clean car, as well as keeping it in shape.