How to Choose the Best Booster Seat for Your Growing Little One in 5 Simple Steps – Lexington, KY

If you have kids, you probably clearly remember trying to find the right car seat, making sure it fit in your car, making sure it was age appropriate…phew.  Now that yours is out of diapers and running around like crazy (between the ages of four and seven years old) they get a big kid upgrade to a booster seat! Much to their disappointment (at least, my son was bummed out to hear this) they still have to sit in the backseat.  However, it’s a much easier seat to pop in and out of the car, and they get to use a regular seatbelt.

So, wondering how to choose the best booster seat for your child and if they’re ready for one based on their age, weight and size? Check out a couple of quick and easy things to consider before making a decision:

Check Your Existing Car Seat

Even if your little one is the right age (four to seven years old is the norm), it’s more important that they’re the right height and weight before even considering it. Check the top height or weight limitations listed on their current forward-facing car seat. If they exceed either of those, it’s time for a booster seat!

Make Sure It Stays In the Backseat

I know, I know. Your kid probably seems like he or she is all grown up. However, they need to keep riding in the backseat until they’re at least 12 years old. (Yes, your 12-year-old needs to be in the backseat!) It’s not just the safest thing: In some cases, it’s the law.

Choose the Style

You can get either a backless booster seat or one with a backrest. Models with a backrest are a bit pricier, but they position the seat belt in a better fashion and will be more comfortable for your child – especially if the backseat doesn’t have headrests.

Check the Fit

Choosing a good booster seat is just as important as it was for their regular car seat but, this time, you have the advantage of letting them try it out first. Take your child with you to choose the seat and have them sit in it in-store. Some places will let you try it out in your car, while others have a fantastic exchange policy if it doesn’t work out.

Spend Wisely

More money doesn’t mean better quality. Really check the seat and make sure you’re happy, your kid is happy and, above all, that it works in your backseat. Safety is what’s important, along with solid construction. It’s recommended that youngsters use a booster seat up until they’re eight to 12 years old, so it’s going to be in your car for a very long time!


If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your Nissan, stop into Glenn Nissan today! Be sure to come prepped with your booster seat questions, too, so they can help you find the right car that answers your unique needs and concerns! They know that when it comes to your children, safety is always first!