3 Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles – Lexington, KY

Share The RoadAt Glenn Nissan we feature some of the best new and used Nissan automobiles including Nissan VersaNissan Versa Note, and the Nissan Altima. Part of the joy of driving any of these cars is being a safe and responsible driver.  A big part of being a good driver is sharing the road, especially with motorcycles! In this wet, cold, and rainy weather, being extra aware of motorcyclists is extra important – they don’t have the same level of safety as a driver in a car!  We’ve put together a few tips to help you be a great, and responsible, driver this winter in your new Nissan!

Look twice when making a left turn
The majority of avoidable accidents between a car and a motorcycle happen in an intersection, when a driver will turn in front of the motorcyclist because they simply didn’t see them! Because of the cold weather, there aren’t that many motorcyclists on the road, and drivers get used to looking out for other drivers…not motorcycles.  We suggest you look once to make sure you’re clear, and then look again specifically to check for motorcycles.  You may be surprised at how much more you notice after a second look.

Leave them plenty of room
A pothole or other road hazard isn’t a big issue, but for someone on a motorcycle it can be a big deal! If you see a motorcyclist swerving or changing their lane position often, it usually means they see a hazard that you may not!

Don’t tailgate
Even if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, motorcycles move fast, but they also stop fast! If you’re too close you may rear-end it, and unlike a car, there’s nothing to protect the rider! A tap from behind can have serious consequences.

Here at Glenn Nissan, we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry! Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable drivers on the road, and if you ride, or have a family or friend who does, you know how important safety is to them, too!