It’s All About Chilling Out Behind the Wheel: 5 SiriusXM Stations with Relaxing Music – Lexington, KY

A big part of my commute has always been setting the mood with music.  Commuting is never fun, and it always seems to make the day a bit more stressful if I get stuck in traffic and don’t have anything else to distract me from the upcoming work day.  It can be worse on the way back home, especially if I’ve had some bad meetings.

Last week was terrible because my daily driver broke down (it was NOT a Nissan, that’s part of the problem…) but my friend let me use his car in the interim.  It was a 2015 Nissan Murano crossover and it was AH-MAZING! It had leather interior, an advanced drive assist display , and drove like a dream.  But the best thing was the SiriusXM radio.

My daily driver is old-school, I have a CD changer, but that’s as much technology as it can handle.  The SiriusXM stations were a game-changer in terms of improving my mood a thousand-fold.  Now, in my younger days I was more punk-rock and metal, but working in a ‘professional’ environment, I’m now less into less screaming and more into soothing.  SiriusXM had my back the whole week.  I found these five SiriusXM stations with relaxing music that put my mind at ease and made the week fly by like I was on vacation:


Relaxing and soothing sounds of new age and ambient music from around the world.


Easy instrumentals and vocals of popular melodies from the last 60 years.


Downtempo/deep house
Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of down-tempo electronica and rock.


Smooth/contemporary jazz
Smooth and cool with a sophisticated landscape of contemporary jazz.

Krishna Das Yoga Radio

Chanting, sacred and spiritual music
Music transporting listeners to a deeper place where they can quiet the mind and open the heart.

So, I’m not really into the Krishna thing, but the chanting was oddly calming and a nice change from some of the contemporary stations – especially if you want to take a break from the everyday.

If you haven’t tried SiriusXM yet, I strongly suggest a trip over to Glenn Nissan  to check out what Muranos they have in stock.  Of course, most of the 2015 Nissans come with SiriusXM, so you can take your pick – I just really enjoyed my time driving the 2015 Murano!