Worried About Depreciation? 5 Sure Ways to Keep Your Nissan in Great Shape and Maximize Your Trade-In Value! – Lexington, KY

There’s something just really, really great about getting to a great dealership like Glenn Nissan and checking out all the new 2016 Nissans – like the 2016 Nissan Versa, 2016 Nisan Versa Note, 2016 Nissan Juke, and 2016 Nissan Rogue! There’s so many new Nissan deals, fantastic incentives and hey! You can even value your trade-in online!

I mean, you are going to trade in your old Nissan for a new one, right? No need to haggle with a third party to try to argue with how well maintained your car is – the team at Glenn Nissan know you’ve been taking care of your car, and they WANT to give you the most for it.

But just to make sure there’s no question about it, here’ s the top 5 things you can do while you own it that will keep your older Nissan in the best shape, and help you maximize your trade in value;

Keep it Clean

Seriously, I know the weather gets crazy in the winter here in Lexington, but even if it’s been raining cats and dogs, when you see that sunshine poking through, get your Nissan to the car wash and use the suds to wipe away that dirt and grime. This protects your clear coat and keeps that high glass look for years to come!

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Certain roads in Kentucky can do a number on your wheels (um, potholes anyone?!) which can throw off your alignment and make your tires wear unevenly. No problem, just make sure you keep up on rotating your tires, checking the wear, and getting your tires balanced once a year, at the very least. Keeping up on other things, such as oil changes and keeping an eye on your belts and fluids will keep your Nissan running well, longer.

Keep all Papers!

One of the first things people like to do is question exactly how well you’ve been keeping up on your vehicles maintenance. You’re covered, because you’ve kept every single receipt from every single oil change and tire rotation! There’s no lowballing you, that’s for certain!

Don’t Forget About the Bodywork

Look, It’s be AWESOME if we all had perfect bodies – trust me, it’s all downhill the older you get – but your Nisan CAN have a perfect body, no matter how old! When you notice small dents and dings, it won’t cost you very much at all (if anything!) just to get that dent pulled out and your bodyline back to new! This makes a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your car, and the payoff will be worth it. (Now, if only it were as easy to take care of this mommy-gut I’ve been rocking for the past five years…)

Keep Food OUT

Your Nissan may look like a million bucks on the outside, but if you open the door and are greeted with stained carpets, solidified fries under the seats, and a funky smell, you can kiss hundreds of bucks buh-bye. If you’re asking to be paid top dollar for your ride, make sure it looks like a million inside and out.

If you’re ready to see what the Trade-In Value for your pre-owned Nissan is, drive on in to Glenn Nissan today and let them give your ride the once over! If you’re busy, you can always value your trade online for a ballpark value, and then come in to see if you’ve hit a home run! Come and meet the best team in Kentucky for getting you the most for your trade in today!