4 Ways to Keep Everyone Happy On a Family Road Trip – Lexington, KY

The kids are out of school, it’s officially summer and, perhaps, you’re an all-new 2015 Nissan Murano owner! Maybe it’s a different Nissan, but you’re still ready for the traditional summer family road trip! Or are you? Maybe when you were first married, it was a quiet and relaxing ride. But if you have kids now, you know those quiet rides are a thing of the past. Never fear, though! The calm and collected folks at one of the best Nissan dealerships in the Lexington area asked me to come up with sanity-saving tips with ways to keep everyone happy on a family road trip:

Get Your Nissan Checked

The trick to making sure your road trip is hassle-free is to get your ride checked out (using some of those handy Nissan service coupons!) to ensure there’s nothing amiss that could cause a breakdown on the way to your destination. Nothing screams epic family argument more clearly than being stuck on the side of a freeway in the summer heat.

Bring the Electronics

This is especially important if you have young kids or teenagers. A tablet, Kindle or laptop can go a long way towards maintaining peace. Oh! And make sure you don’t forget the chargers! Luckily, the 2016 Nissan Murano features Bluetooth, streaming audio, and front and rear passenger USB ports. The USB ports will go a long way towards preserving your sanity – trust me on this one!

Take Breaks

My five-year-old has about a two-hour tolerance for being in the car, iPad or not. Our road trips usually average between four to six hours depending on the destination, so we break it up accordingly. A quick pit stop to get some food, and we’re golden. We haven’t done a cross-state trip yet but, if we do, we’ll plan some stops at local attractions along the way. This also helps get the kids tired out in the hopes they’ll take a nice, long nap.

Bring Snacks

Even if you just got done feeding the kids an extra large yum-yum kids meal at the nearest burger stand, their blood sugar will drop within an hour. This leads to some of the grouchiest, most insane tantrums I’ve ever witnessed. A bag of trail mix is cheap, but the peace of mind it gives you is priceless.


Whether you’re heading out from Lexington, Paris, Lawrenceburg, Frankfort, Danville, or Berea, I hope your summertime road trip is a success! If you’re not sure your current Nissan is up to the trip, stop by Glenn Nissan and check out their new 2016 Nissan lineup. They’re sure to have just the Nissan to get you out on the road with a smile on your face!